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Reliable Office Furniture Source

Specializing in refurbished office workstations, Reliable Office Furniture Source is located in Ontario, California and serves the eleven western states. We pride ourselves on our honesty, integrity and reliability. We believe in traditional values and trust-based relationships.

We are a small, agile company that provides big company benefits such as quality products, customized solutions, expert assembly and timely delivery. We truly believe our customers' satisfaction is essential to our success.

At Reliable, we are constantly seeking ways to perform better. We have many effective and efficient processes in place to ensure that your project goes smoothly. Our experience has taught us that every project is different and has its unique challenges. We expect these challenges and do what we can to prepare for them.

At the end of the day, we do whatever it takes to take care of our clients.

Why Buy Refurbished?

The basic structure of most office systems furniture has a long life span. Instead of wearing out, it is often replaced because of 'style' considerations. Color, fabric and other elements typically become worn or outdated. In the past, old office furniture was simply sent to the landfill.

Not anymore. Today, worn parts are replaced, cabinets are repainted, work surfaces are refinished, and chairs and panels are reupholstered. The result is that furniture destined for the dump is instead looking and functioning like new again.

Recycling means that fewer raw materials are used, energy and natural resources are conserved, and pollution caused by the complete manufacturing process is dramatically reduced.

At Reliable Office Furniture Source. we know first hand that refurbished office furniture is not only good for the environment, but also good for your business. Our clients enjoy a considerable savings by selecting a refurbished solution over purchasing new.