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Our Products

Herman Miller Ethospace®

Designed to create adaptable interiors that reflect an organization's values and provide its people with the tools they need to perform their best, Ethospace offers freedom. Freedom of expression, freedom of choice, freedom to change.

Structural steel frames define space, contain unparalled capacity for communications cabling and electrical wiring, and provide a sturdy foundation for hang-on storage and work surface components. Interchangeable tiles that attach to the frames offer a diversity of functional and aesthetic options. Components and tiles can be selectively and efficiently changed or rearranged to suit new personalities and work styles.

With planning possibilities that include 90-, 120- and 135-degree connections, Ethospace can be used to create everything from individual workstations to collaborative spaces and reused to configure new layouts when business needs change.

Herman Miller Action Office 1/2®

The world's first open plan office system was designed for change. As a result, it's been a proven performer for decades.

Constantly evolving to support the changing requirements and challenges of the workplace has kept the Action Office system relevant and responsive. Careful adherence to designer Robert Propst's original criteria for ease of specifying, installing, and updating has ensured that it continues to offer exceptional value and return on investment.

No panel system is easier or quicker to install and reconfigure. A concise and versatile product vocabulary simplifies ordering and streamlines inventory control. Durable, interchangeable panels and components assure that it will adapt to workplace changes far into the future.

Steelcase 9000®

The legendary systems furniture line keeps evolving to meet the needs of business. It creates any kind of space, from workstations to team spaces, to private spaces that support both collaboration and concentration. And it works beautifully with hundreds of other Steelcase products. It offers more new options, choices and applications to fit the grid, or break the mold. All from one outstanding line of systems furniture. Series 9000.

Series 9000 offers so many ways to tailor workstations to meet work demands. Upmount bins add privacy and define the space. Screens work above and below the worksurface, while low panels between workstations help teammates work together. New applications come easily with furniture this flexible.

Series 9000 makes optimum use of valuable space horizontal and vertical. An executive workstation combines a hard-working office with a contemplative retreat. Panels support storage, display and worksurface, and manage privacy. Worksurfaces are both fixed and mobile. Here's a workspace that keeps your options open.

Steelcase Avenir®

Avenir® systems furniture has earned a reputation for proven performance and unmistakable value in organizations around the world. In fact, over 80% of Fortune 500 companies have chosen Avenir for their businesses. With the flexibility to work however your business works, and the backing of a warranty second-to-none, Avenir delivers results today and tomorrow. That's a beautiful thing. That's Avenir.

Avenir makes it easy to leverage your space in new ways. Open up the lines of communication by decreasing panel-heights or adding Pathways® Post and Beam at fence height. Increase privacy with up-mounted overhead storage bins and privacy screens. Panel-supported worksurfaces allow users to stack materials nearby and free up desktop real estate. A bank of lateral files provides convenient central storage, and even more worksurface. When your business changes, Avenir helps your work environment keep up.

Your workplace is a reflection of your company's culture and identity. Avenir's wide range of aesthetic options enables your business to create just the right look. Make a dramatic statement by combining natural wood veneers with polished chrome. Take a quieter stance with a more subdued aesthetic. Whether your company is business casual or strictly business, your image is secure with Avenir.